Apartheid and the Nazis

AFTER years of litigation in which the Truth & Reconciliation Commission Report was rubbished by a corrupt judge acting on behalf of the Labour Court of South Africa, I am slowly being vindicated regarding my assertion of the connection between Verwoerd’s apartheid and the Nazi science of eugenics. This is not because there is ample evidence in the Truth & Reconciliation Final Report, but rather because this taboo subject is now being discussed openly in the Afrikaner press, who until now, have managed to squash any debate in the public sphere which conceivably might lead to an acknowledgement of guilt and an apology to South Africans.

Here is the original article by prof Russel Botman regarding the connection between Nazism and Apartheid. The Nazi “Fischer Tools” were used for race classification purposes under apartheid .http://www.rapport.co.za/Weekliks/Nuus/Die-Nazis-le-agter-maar-wat-le-voor-20130426.

Followed by an opinion piece by Leopold Scholtz in Die Burger http://www.dieburger.com/opinie/2013-05-03-maties-bekyk-wr-die-nazis and a letter questioning if this is legitimate research http://www.dieburger.com/opinie/2013-05-08-van-die-verlede-kn-n-mens-nie-wegkom

Yesterdays follow up article by  Leopold Scholtz attempting to relocate apartheid and nazi connections to the margins of German Romanticism, while denying any real connection in the form of a familiar denial, takes the cake http://www.dieburger.com/opinie/2013-06-12-forum-spore-van-apartheid

Here is an English translation of Prof Kees van der Waal’s criticism of Leopold Scholtz’s article, Apartheid thinking in academia

Good report by Dan Newling of Times Higher Education providing greater depth to the story and the backlash in the Afrikaner press.

But even as Robins, Walters and colleagues set out on their journey of discovery, they have already experienced a backlash in South Africa’s Afrikaans-language media.

“There is anger at the suggestion that volkekunde’s academic proponents may have been motivated by racial hatred and outrage at the argument that apartheid could have drawn inspiration from Nazism.”


letter from National Party opposing Jewish rights

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