This section is a repository for documentation and evidence from Lewis v Media24, an irregular and unlawful proceeding held in a South African kangaroo court, the so-called ‘Labour Court of South Africa’, from 4 November 2009 – 21 January 2010. The transcripts demonstrate how Lewis was cross-questioned without the aid of an attorney on issues related inter alia, to his secular Jewish identity and his involvement in the struggle for freedom. He was forced to lead evidence of racism and race profiling at apartheid media company Media24, from the witness stand, this whilst restrained from calling any witnesses. In the attached report AJ Cheadle acknowledges Media24 was his client and provides an organogram of his business partners, Kagiso. At the time, Kagiso were in business with Media24, providing content via Multichoice. The result is a rigged decision with absolutely no objective reality. One which upholds ecclesiastical charges put by Media24. An anti-secularist screed at best. Please see the FAQ and associated case brought to defend the TRC Report trashed by the 1994-denialist decision. See Naspers half-apology.

The Corruption

Should be read in conjunction or incorporated with Supplement Kahanovitz below

The Perjury

Here are submissions regarding the suborned perjury by A Dean in which she makes a number of demonstrably false allegations including allegations of plagiarism accepted as such by the corrupt judicial officer.

The Copyright Issue

Aside from the fact that the articles under my copyright were outside of the scope of the employment contract, the company appears to have destroyed several items of jazz history including an interview with the family of the late Josh and Robert Sithole

The Attempted Gagging

Not only was there an attempted gagging, I was also locked up for complaining.

The TRC issue

In order to escape the issues related to the company’s failure to participate, the corrupt decision creates a situation in which apartheid was merely a figment of my imagination.

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