Medialternatives publishes alternative views on contemporary South African issues.


We provide provocative writing which challenges mainstream assumptions, alternative views to the mainstream press, censored opinions, dissident voices.

Please submit stories which are in line with any of the following:

Provide content which has not been published elsewhere on the Internet.

Tackle topics which may be of interest to our readers, using facts, analysis and original comment.

Provide a human face or alternative side to important issues of the day.

Provide readers with an informative angle on issues related to South Africa, or its image abroad.

Pieces may be of any length, but with a minimum of 500 words.

Medialternatives reserves the right to edit and/or alter contributions.

Submit your work to The Editor, [email protected]

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    1. In your control panel, medialternatives should be listed as one of your blogs, switch to it, and post away.

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