Ultra-low bandwidth Internet Radio

518_WXYE-FM_Rick_R_Rockwood_aka_Mason_and_Burnett_I’m listening to Jungletrain.net as I write this posting. It’s a 24kbps internet drum & bass music station, which, judging by my calculations consumes about 43mb per half-hour. Affordable I guess if you have broadband (1.0) and it is available for “free” from the Apple Itunes music store.

There was a time back in the day, when this kind of thing was strictly speaking, illegal. Now it just costs cents. If you want that pirate flavour, then hop over to http://www.pirateradionetwork.com/

or try


both sites have low and ultra-low frequencies. Bits that kindle the spirit of ham radio while providing much needed relief from commercial radio ventures that may come in higher fidelity, but consume a lot more of you valuable cap.