Patrick Moore not the co-founder of Greenpeace

THE man who claims to be one of the “cofounders” of Greenpeace is at the centre of a storm surrounding allegations that he falsified his membership and was merely an early member of the organisation.

Although the Greenpeace International web site used to include Moore in their list of founders, the organisation has distanced itself from Moore and his promotion of nuclear power, logging and the use of fur, all positions which have lead members to question his credentials. “There is some controversy over whether Moore was a co-founder, or merely an early member, of Greenpeace,” said Maya Aberman of Earthlife Africa.

Moores claim has been disputed by other founders including Bob Hunter (deceased), Dorothy Stowe, Dorothy Metcalf, and Jim and Marie Bolen, and is at odds with his original Greenpeace membership application. If anyone deserves credit, it was Bob Hunter, who is generally accorded the status of being “founder” but such one-upmanship was not his style.