Dennis Beckett in favour of legalisation

WELL-known media personality, Dennis Beckett is in favour of the relaxation of drug legislation, in particular, the legalisation of dagga. “I can’t see where the moral is,” said Beckett, on  late night with Kgomotso on SABC2 (Saturday), “If I can get drunk on alcohol, why can’t cannabis users get wasted?” The comments came after Kgomotso screened rare footage of Beckett’s Trek, in which Beckett was handed a joint and proceeded to get “ire” with a bunch of  rastas. The irreverent journalist is in good company, as the premier of Mpumalanga Thabang Makwetla also favours legalisation and indicated as much at a recent tourism summit. We can only hope Beckett’s words are not taken out of context, since he cautioned against substance abuse and did not see the need to use weed for any purpose other than recreation.