Homegrown global economic players keeping SA afloat

TWENTY years ago, South Africa had finally stepped out of economic and political isolation. The elections had been won by a democratically-elected government, and parliament was busy drafting a document which would become the nation’s constitution and Bill of Rights. Then, with the exception of a few multinational resource companies such as Anglo American, very few listed companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange were global.

One of the crowning achievements of the Mbeki administration perhaps, was to create the conditions necessary for local South African companies to diversify and expand overseas, resulting in a dividend windfall for investors and creating international giants of which we can certainly be proud.

Here are few of the public companies:


SAB Miller

Woolworths Holdings LTD

Pick ‘n Pay




Standard Bank


These are just some of the listed companies repatriating profits back to South Africa. They help to stabilise an otherwise underperforming market. At the current exchange rate, the net asset value of these shares rises whenever the currency devalues, representing a windfall for those invested in the stock in Rands. After pronouncements about the economy by Minister Nene, will the inward-looking Zuma administration take time out to congratulate South Africa’s global players in what would otherwise be an isolated economic system, economically dependent upon the sub-region for trade.

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