Daar Kom Barak Obama (Here comes Barak Obama)

Africas latest President?
Africa's latest President?

WELL it’s been news for at least two weeks, and the celebrations haven’t stopped down here. Africa has a new president and we really need to ask ourselves the question why it is that American politics exerts such influence and fascination? Could it be that our common dystanies are to be tied together as a nation? South Africa for instance is the only country besides the USA to have a “We the people…” constitution, and it goes without saying that our law is increasingly taking on American nuances, as my compatriots seek to emulated liberty and to have more than dominant one political party. The Shikota Express which launched at the same time as the announcement of Obama’s victory, looks set to shift South African politics in unfamilier ways, as the democrat, with the good looks and the civil rights pedigree has suddenly made Americans (and South Africans) feel good about themselves.

Hell, I am proud to be an African-American, even if, like every other colonised  and coloured soul out there, I don’t actually have the vote. Surely the question we should all be asking ourselves is how can the franchise be extended to include everybody? Other democratic states around the world? Can we all get along as people? Is the United Nations structure enough and can we afford to have a Republican disaster once a generation? For what its worth, I have been singing a local rendition of dixie for the last couple of days – a goema number about the Alabama, a confederate sailing ship that almost held the Cape hostage during the civil war. Obama has retaken the South – Africa of course.