June Media threads

These past weeks have seen several media items worth of our consideration. I flag them here to remind readers that Medialternatives still cares about these issues:


BRICS Circus

President Ramaphosa made a bizarre trip to Ukraine and Russia, attempting to broker a peace deal, resulting in an incident in Poland, and then quickly superseded by the Wagner rebellion.

Putin may now skip the controversial BRICS summit.

Pundits like Patrick Bond are warning that an expanded BRICS would result in less influence for the country


IOL finds 10 news subs under the bed

The spat between IOL and Media24 appears to have escalated with two new inhouse opinion pieces criticising another company circulated widely on twitter by CEO Iqbal Surve. They are notable for the way in which they attack other daily press outlets, fail to acknowledge previous criticism by Medialternatives, and for their bizarre attempts to maintain a semblance of editorial distance. The latest piece published yesterday even carries the nom-de-plum of one ” J. Edwards” , apparently a person who “requests anonymity in order to prevent his/her writing from interfering with his/her regular responsibilities.”

Koos Bekker – Unveiling the elephant in the newsroom

Naspers and Media24 must face their apartheid legacy

Damning indictment of JSC in Judge Motata case

Mayor comes out in support of LGBT

An obscure political party demands removal of the Green Point rainbow crossing. But so did a larger party last year, the ACDP, the same picture was used in both stories.

EFF dragged over LGBT flipflop

Over 100 UCT staff and students signed a petition to stop the EFF Lumumba lecture

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