BackaBuddy respond to my crowdfunding application

Dear David,

Thanks for the campaign submission. Given the sensitive nature of the campaign and that there is a legal allegation here, we are reluctant to create the campaign on the platform. We’ve had experience of a similar campaign in the past, and remember that the campaign creator’s legal action was almost jeopardised by public nature of crowdfunding. In short, we had to remove the campaign which was a distressing experience for all involved.

We cannot risk having the site shut down due to the fact that thousands of needy people rely on us monthly for crowdfunding support.

In addition, crowdfunding requires you to actively promote the campaign to your friends, family, and colleagues. If you are confident that you have the networks to fund your cause, no problem. But its best to be aware of this prior to the campaign creation.

While we sympathise with the issues you are highlighting, we are concerned that a campaign may be damaging to you and your case. Our terms and conditions do state that we do not routinely add campaigns that has:

·  details of a pending or current legal case which contain content that may be defamatory to the complainant or defendant.

Should you wish to proceed, we would ask that you review your text and provide us with contactable references/supporting documentation that can be used to verify your cause.

With kind regards,


Georgie Berens

Community and Design Curator

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