1. THE over-eager and misguided official who banned me from Wikimania Cape Town for allegedly ‘disrupting a pre-event on ‘Decolonising the Internet’ and also for ‘disrupting an event in Tunisia’, (both events which I never attended) is no longer at Wikimedia. According to users of website Wikipediocracy, which among other things, aims to “to inoculate the unsuspecting public against the torrent of misinformation, defamation, and general nonsense that issues forth from one of the world’s most frequently visited websites”, Alexander has left Wikimedia without so much as a farewell.“Alexander came to the forefront for two issues during the 2018 Wikimania in South Africa” wrote a Wikipediocracy forum user “when, exercising his authority, he forbade one volunteer event helper to continue his work as reported in our August 2018 Special Report, and withdrew the registration of a South African newsman and anti-apartheid activist from the conference for reasons that were later confirmed to be partly incorrect as documented in YouTube (from 26:51) and had him ejected from the venue.”see this thread and also this one on Wikipedia SucksIn saying the reasons for my exclusion were partly incorrect, (and not true) the user fails to disclose the sequence of events which makes the entire episode Wikimedia’s own fault.
    Piece lampooning Alexander’s departureIn my own response to the thread, I thus posted:1. Responded to Douglas Scott of Wikimaniahttps://medialternatives.com/2018/08/28 … wikimania/2. Documented the entire incident on videohttps://medialternatives.com/2018/09/11 … 8-recoded/‘Not only is Mr James Alexander dead wrong about Tunis, but he is 100% wrong about every other purported fact regarding the matter and the initial complaint made at Wikimania Cape Town.Please read my initial complaint and watch the video.’https://medialternatives.com/2018/08/08 … oundation/3. For the record, given the circumstances I can only welcome the apparent dismissal of Mr Alexander from Wikimania Foundation, and demand that the Foundation deal more adequitely with incidents of racism and exclusion on the basis of opposition to apartheid.https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js?client=ca-pub-1630578712653878 (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({});Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading…Related
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  2. […] may be aware of the circumstances surrounding the hosting of an exclusive “Decolonising the Internet” confe… in Cape […]

  3. […] may be aware of the circumstances surrounding the hosting of an exclusive “Decolonising the Internet” conference in Cape […]

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