Joining the ‘call for truth’ by Khulumani

Re: ‘call for truth’ by Khulumani

I wish to endorse Khulumani’s Call for Truth on behalf of the victims and survivors of the apartheid regime.

As a long-standing member of the anti-apartheid movement, active during the struggle for freedom and democracy in South Africa, and further, as a journalist on the receiving end of a dirty tricks campaign authored by the regime, I wish to append and demand the following:

1) Full disclosure of the role played by Naspers, in particular its former director PW Botha, in the furthering of racist propaganda and the authoring of apartheid policy as it affects the recent tendering of a case-limited apology by the same corporation, and impacting upon my long-standing dispute and case, now before the Equality Court of South Africa

2) Full audit and disclosure on the whereabouts of all journalists detained by the regime during the state of emergency,

3) Full disclosure of the torture of journalists and dirty tricks used against employees of Grassroots Newspaper and other such periodicals, which did eventually lead to their demise.

4) Full disclosure of the dirty tricks campaign against South Press, including full disclosure with regards to counter-operatives placed within the organisation and other covert tactics used in the counter-operation against this title, which did eventually lead to its demise.

5) Full disclosure of similar tactics used against New Nation, and other state-sponsored activities which resulted in unfair treatment of journalists

6) Full disclosure regarding SADF role in trophy hunting and resource pillaging operations in Angola and Namiba

7) Full disclosure of dirty tricks campaign against environmental and scientific organisations such as Earthlife Africa and other such groups

8) Full disclosure of dirty tricks campaign against SWAPO solidarity and support group on UCT campus, and also covert operations conducted against NUSAS and ECC

9) Full disclosure of role played by information technology in maintenance of apartheid, in particular the role of IBM computers in collating, organising and processing the Dompas, the management of population registration, surveillance of activists and also the allocation of the draft ie forced conscription of white males into the SADF

10) Full disclosure of dirty tricks operations against cultural organisations such as Congress of South African Writers, (COSAW) and Cultural Workers Congress (CWC).

11) Full disclosure of circumstances surrounding the banning of several artists and poets, including Peter Horn.

12) Full disclosure of the regime’s counter-operation against the Cultural Boycott endorsed by the Anti-Apartheid Movement Sanctions campaign at the behest of the late Dennis Brutus.

I look forward to engaging citizens and comrades on issues related to the above.

Aluta Continua, Peace

David Robert Lewis

SEE the Letter published by the Cape Times

(NOTE: for some reason the subs added a personal pronoun, Khulumani is an organisation, not a person!)

SEE: Khulumani’s Marjorie Jobson “let acceptance of apartheid complicity lead to reparations”

Will the corporation pay my legal bills and loss of income for ten years?

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