Apartheid denial and Steve Hofmeyr syndrome

THOUGHT I might as well update the thread on Chester Missing. Not to applaud his recent twitter war (or twar) with Helen Zille, but rather to remark about the emergence of a new ailment. Steve Hofmeyr Syndrome, in which sufferers deny the reality of apartheid, attempt to revise history in an embarrassingly trite manner (often resorting to the parallel plot or strange twist of fate) resulting in outright delusional thinking.

In this case, according to Hofmeyr, blacks were responsible for apartheid. The National Party were the real heroes and victors of the struggle, in fact there was no struggle at all, nor apartheid for that matter, thus, separate development was merely a coincidence, and the demographics of South Africa, according to an irregularly-gained labour court judgment, (see para 75) not the result of colonialism, but rather God’s will, or an ‘act of nature’.

Steve Hofmeyr syndrome manifests whenever there is a need to explain away the situation in which the Afrikaner Nation finds itself. Thus, race classification and the Immorality act, never really occurred, persons who experienced apartheid must in turn be stricken by collective guilt for the wrong they have perpetrated on the world in a new form of magical thinking that transposes reality with the new fiction derived out of the ruling party’s strange alliance with the Volkstaat.

Who knows when Steve Hofmeyr syndrome will strike next?

Could it be to alter the peace deals and transition to democracy that included the drafting of our nation’s foundation document, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, into a comfort zone in which the only reality is DSTV and Multichoice?

Do not be alarmed by the impending merger of MWEB and Internet Solution (DiData), do not get upset by the monopolistic behavior of the mega-company that is gobbling up the infrastructure behind the  world wide web. Rather, be outraged at the possibility that the future will be controlled by the Steve Hofmeyr’s of this world and not the puppet master behind Chester Missing.

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