SADF service cross


The South African Military Veterans Association of Australasia (SAMVOA) released this service cross over the 2013 Easter Weekend, supposedly in recognition of service by white conscripts on behalf of the Apartheid Christian Nationalist government, a stark reminder that the South African conflict involved a particular faith perspective to the detriment of other faith groups.

A website calling itself “The home of the South African Service cross ‘ons dienskruis” has been floating advertising on social media, in an effort to attract attention from conscripts as well as permanent force members who served in the apartheid regimes military.

“Service Cross instituted as recognition by ex-SADF veterans to our “Brothers in Arms”

“As we are all well aware, the vast majority of our conscript National Servicemen, numerous Reserve Force “Campers & Commando’s” and many longer serving ex-SADF PF brothers did not get the recognition for their honourable services rendered prior to 1994.”

“Unlike many countries including Australia, Norway, Malaysia and others, South Africa never issued a National Service Medal and it is highly unlikely that the current government ever will. To correct this injustice, we the Veterans have taken action. Initially this Commemorative Medal was to be called the National Service Cross. However, it was felt that this would exclude others, like the SA Police, SA Prison Services, SADF Permanent Force members, SWA Territorial Force personnel who, whilst serving South Africa never did National Service. So, the name was changed to the SA Service Cross to recognise all those that served South Africa between the period 1957 to 1994, and who never received any or very little recognition for that service.”


  1. I have tried to order this medal on numerous occasion being an ex-SADF member who did service at Infantry School and 7 SAI from 1983 to 1985. I have completed all the mandatory details as requested for the “Nominal Roll” before proceeding to “checkout” to pay with my credit card, but I keep getting a message that displays “invalid data” . Please help. I’m sure there are many vets who have encountered the same problem.

    1. Hi Michael , were you able to purchase the service cross?

  2. Michael, have you contacted the support person at [email protected]?

  3. Want to purchase South African Service Cross “DIENS KRUIS” but none of the links to place an order or access to the websites are working. Is this still available?

  4. I did my national service in 1SSB C Sqdn.Zeerust from 1972 _ 1973. Then did my camps and border stints in Regiment Vrystaat until 1982. Do I qualify to order the service Cross. My force no.was 68389261 BT.

    1. Yes, I got mine….66475401.

  5. Hi everyone. It is 7 June 2106 and yesterday I sent an e-mail to [email protected] only to receive this “Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    [email protected]

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    DNS Error: 139509964 DNS type ‘mx’ lookup of responded with code NXDOMAIN
    Domain name not found:”

    Ha this site been deleted or discontinued. Anyone??? How do we get hold of this medal? will appreciate your kind advise and or assistance

  6. good day
    to whom it may concern. I am an ex-SADF member who did service at youngs – field cape town 10 anti aircraft and then with 4dsai Infantry battalion 62 mech and fought in ops moduler 1987.

    how can I purchase this medal?


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