Niknow, and how?

In the attention-deficit economy, mobile platforms are a dime a dozen. One either falls into the rapture of the singularity or gets to grip some of the joys of telepresence. One local platform which deserves some mention is NikaNow. It has all the quaintness of a small-town newspaper, at least the advertising seems right and the level of communication appropriate for the kind of environment you would find in a place like Grahamstown. So there you have it, I’m giving Nikanow a plug, even if I probably wrote it off as another twitter. 🙂

One comment

  1. Margie

    Aceface, do you have a source for that? According to the 2005 MTDP Japan is oflciialfy down the to the 16 subs as stipulated by the NDPG. I sure would like to know about those two extra subs. Thanks.

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