Scorching News Stories

Seems as if every week, world news gets more interesting.

1. South Sudan

With lessons for South Africa about integration into the continent, South Sudan became independent over the weekend.

2. Final Space Shuttle Launch

While private companies are tipped to fill the gap left by STS135, the end of the Shuttle Programme briings anxiety about the free world’s ability to get astronauts into space. Are our priorities correct? Should we not be making bolder moves than merely building a Space Station?

3. Rupurt Murdoch, the end of News Corp?

The Murdoch Empire appears to be crumbling in the face of pressure around the News of the World phone hacking scandal. Is there more to this story than simply capitulation? Who benefits when Murdoch goes?

4. ASA Faithless decision

Does the use of the term “Artists Against Apartheid” in any context other than the Struggle Against Apartheid denigrates the memory of the victims and survivors of apartheid? ASA found against a complaint made by the SAJBD regarding the use of the term apartheid to describe what is happening in Israel, citing artistic license. Are we losing something when we resort to recent history and popular culture to describe a conflict which has been ongoing for over 60 years?

5. The Libyan War

With no sign of abating, the conflict in Libya is sending shivers throughout Europe. After declaring war against the EU, supporters of Gaddafi, including a Catholic Bishop, have rushed to defend him. When will the war end?

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