The Internet Strikes Back

Like Emmanual Goldstein, the leader of the resistance against an invisible government engaged in a permanent war against an imaginery foe, Julian Assange is being held in custody, the victim of an intelligence war which has unleashed a spew of leaked documents. The stuff of a William Gibson novel, the Australian has also been likened to Ned Kelly an outlaw hero of the digital age.

Response to the feeble attempt by the invisible government to squash Wikileaks, subdueing freedom of speech,  freezing bank accounts and refusing to service clients who seek to deposit donations, has been swift.

There are now at least 1200 mirrors of the site which was initially taken down by service providers like Amazon and others.

A tit for tat Distributed Denial of Service battle is occurring in cyberspace. An army of at least 5000 ordinary people have stepped up to defend the right of Julian Assange to publish, using “weapons” freely available on the Internet.

The media insists that these “hackers” are nothing more than outlaws, ignoring the illegal takedowns and irrational justifications for denial of service of those who seek the truth.

The work has been attributed to a mysterious group called Anonymous, as if Anonymity is something which no longer exists.

As events unfolded online,  I witnessed a flurry of communication on Twitter, #ddos #wikileaks as the website of Mastercard.Com fell victim to massive data flooding followed by the partial collapse of the Mastercard Securecode server.

The tools may be new but the methods are exactly the same as when the “Zippies” unleashed the Internet’s first cyberwar back in 1994 in protest against John Major’s Criminal Justice Bill which banned outdoor festivals and “music with a repetitive beat”. Major shortly capitulated, and the offending clause was excised.

Responding to a journalist from CBC seeking to understand what was occuring on Twitter, I quickly penned the following:

You posted the following tweet:

Attention #ddos #wikileaks #payback TV journalist here looking for someone who can explain what’s unfolding. Email me Thx!

First, let me explain that I do not condone the use of DDOS without good reason and especially the use of some of the more archaic forms of indiscriminate Infowar.

I had the good fortune to be a part of one such public Infowar in the Bay Area, back in 1994  (The Intervasion protest action against the UK Criminal Justice Bill) at the very dawn of the Net, and thus have a pretty good idea about where this is all going.

While I am a mere onlooker in today’s action, cheering “Anonymous” from the sidelines, I can only empathize with those affected while expressing solidarity with John Perry Barlow’s recent statements on the matter:

“The first serious infowar is now engaged. The field of battle is WikiLeaks. You are the troops.”

Compare this to: “This is the first Internet war and will do for the Internet what Tienanmen did for the fax machine.” (from a flyer advertising the Internet Invasion and Chaos Rave

In the same way that John Major’s government was forced to capitulate to the masses as a result of the Zippie Intervasion, David Cameron’s government is going to end up capitulating to the groundswell of popular opinion against the Wikileaks suspension and the detention without trial of its founder, Julian Assange.

The protest actions being engaged in by millions of ordinary netizens have literally brought the network of the perpetrators to a halt. Mastercard is one of the perpetrators of DDOS attacks against Wikileaks.

The resonse to this in taking down is not simply the work of anonymous hackers, but is a result of the way the Internet is structured and based upon free and open networks which provide services to everyone..

Suspending WikiLeaks from the Internet, in clear violation of the Declaration of Rights in Cyberspace has unleashed an immediate reaction from sysadmins, geeks, cyberheads, the digirati and ordinary broadbanders

The first call to action was to save the Wikileaks site by mirroring it in a way that restored service.

The next call of duty was to demonstrate to the perpetrators, the error of their evil deeds by collectively engaging in mass civil disobedience and defiance against their unilateral and undemocratic decisions.

The authoritarian rule of the invisible One World government as represented by Mastercard is unable to restore services in the same way that service to Wikileaks has been restored via acts of random kindness

Nobody is rushing to assist Mastercard or any one of the Swiss bankers.

We are the ones who are the true democrats, since all democracies are the result of revolutionary acts.

I hope this helps you in what you seek.


As I write this, it appears the Swiss bankers who froze Wikileaks bank account and who were the first to encounter resistance are now offering to “hand over the money” or “deposit it into an account of choice”.

While some may see this as an unconscionable bowing to an act of blackmail or international terror, consider this:

There are no victims in an infowar, only information is involved.

The Internet is self-regulated and cannot be controlled by corporations or governments

The Internet routes around censorship.

The leaks detail some 140 000 people killed in various wars by a sovereign state.

If Assange was leaking information about China he would probably be given the Nobel prize by the USA, instead he is now the victim of a sex-sting operation, facing extradition on charges that would never stand up in any court in the Commonwealth.

Mastercard continue to service right-wing racist groups like the KKK

The only reason he is being detained without charge by the authorities, is the authoritarian attempt to stifle dissent and criticism, to force us to accept an invisible government that is not elected, and which rules over nations, including Sweden.</