South Africa needs vision and great leap forward

It is pointless going back to the old way of doing things. The world has changed. We are so interconnected that the mere act of communication has ripples across the planet. Urgent possiblities resulting in unintended consequences, the  pressing problems that refuse to go away. Here are some thoughts about the current state of the national crisis.

1. Worrying about recession is pointless. We have growth in areas that were never considered part of the real world. Our economic system is robust and there is more development going on now than there ever was. Rather, we have a recession in speculation. An end of hot money and non-productive capital going any which way. Money is now being spent on reconstruction, on social stability, on the next phase of development.

2. South Africa needs visionary projects like the Bus Rapid Transport System and National Health Insurance, but nothing will get off the ground unless there is serious debate. How dare the Taxi and Minibus industry hold us hostage. Surely this is about commuters, and what commuters want? Again, Health Insurance is about what we as a nation want, not what a few bankers think we ought to have or whether or not medical professionals should have a choice between socialism or free market capitalism.

3. Basic Income Grant = National Insurance = Second Economy. Imagine if we all received a guaranteed basic income as taxpayers. Even the lowest begger pays tax in some form or another via VAT so it is only fair that everybody is included. Now imagine, if the State put some of this aside, as Health Insurance, at very least Dental Plan that protects the smile of each individual. Freedom surely. Equal Opportunity.

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  1. Hmmm, ZA needs vision ya, sometimes it feels like the place is missing something… “Spiritually impoverished” is a way I see the ZA system. As a nation we need to grow a bigger pair ( nuts or pears, I ain’t vaginocentric. ). Seems like South Africans don’t have the guts to stand up and fight, all you hear is complaints…

    Best way to start ? Speak to a stranger everyday.

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