South African Muslims stand against Judeophobia

We are members of the Muslim community of South Africa. It has come to our attention that an email has circulated that calls for a boycott of Jewish-owned businesses in South Africa as a response to the Israeli attack on Gaza. We note that no representative Muslim organization nor the various Palestine Solidarity organizations have supported these anonymously circulated messages.

We are horrified and angered by the Israeli attack and the massacre of civilians. In contrast to the widely promoted view that Hamas broke the cease fire, the Israeli Defence Force broke the truce on 4 November 2008 with a raid into Gaza that killed six persons alleged to be members of Hamas. We condemn Israel’s loose definition of legitimate targets, which has included the education, interior and foreign ministries, the parliament building, a hospital, a UN compound and UN schools. Since the Israeli invasion of Gaza started on 27 December 2008, over 1300 Palestinians and 13 Israelis have been killed.

Wilfully and indiscriminately attacking civilian targets is a crime against humanity regardless of who commits it. We therefore condemn all such attacks and support a mutually agreed upon ceasefire. We also agree with calls for the immediate and complete withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza, the lifting of the siege of Gaza and an end to the Occupation. Palestinians living throughout the West Bank, Gaza and Israel should be given full and equal civil rights.

While we remain committed to various acts in solidarity with Palestinians, we are nevertheless appalled at the occasional manifestations of anti-Semitism in our community. We do not believe that the injury and destruction suffered by the Palestinians should be an excuse for anti-Semitism among us. All racism, including anti-Semitism, is deplorable.

We therefore reject the demand to boycott any businesses in South Africa or elsewhere simply because their owners are identified as Jews. To single out Jews for any kind of attack or action in this manner is racism, something that all of us deeply detest and many of us have fought against for much of our lives. Our condemnation does not preclude support for a boycott of Israeli, settler produced products or local and international companies that support the Occupation. It is, however, unacceptable to link such a boycott to the ethnicity of people living in South Africa. Not only does such a call sully the history of our community’s struggle for equal rights during apartheid, but it also tarnishes the struggle for freedom and justice for the Palestinians.

Let us not become the evil that we abhor.

Endorsed by:

  1. Prof Farid Esack
  2. Rahma Mohamed
  3. Faizel Slamang
  4. Prof AbdulKader Tayob
  5. Prof Abdur Rashid Omar
  6. Abdul-Aleem Somers
  7. Drs Muhammed Haron
  8. Prof Ashraf Kagee
  9. Shafika Isaacs
  10. Lutfi Omar
  11. Imraan Buccus
  12. Muhammed Desai
  13. Firdouza Waggie
  14. Mahdi Samoudien
  15. Mahier Samoudien
  16. Hassan Khan
  17. Maulana Shuaib Appleby
  18. Mariam Abrahams
  19. Subeiga Krishna
  20. Jamiel Krishna
  21. Coco Cachalia
  22. Ahmed Essop
  23. Nadia Meyer
  24. Hakeem Meyer
  25. Nuraan Fakier
  26. Faisal Fakier
  27. Jasmine Small
  28. Sheraads Small
  29. Amiena Slamang
  30. Rukeya Slamang
  31. Dr Gabeba Baderoon
  32. Nazir Osman
  33. Mogamat Salih Davids
  34. Rashieda Baderoen-Davids
  35. Zubeida Jaffer
  36. Raoul Ridwaan Swart
  37. Thoeria Mollagee
  38. Mohammed Sujee
  39. Prof Aslam Fataar
  40. Faiza Salie
  41. Prof Shireen Hassim
  42. Abubakr Karolia
  43. Reza Bardien
  44. Fatima Hassan
  45. Muhammad Bodhania
  46. Ahmed Essop
  47. Ms Rehana Kader
  48. Adila Hassim
  49. Dr. Anwar Bulbulia
  50. Huda Tayob
  51. Ebrahim Fakir
  52. Nuruh Davids
  53. Mohsin Waja
  54. Fatima Bhyat
  55. Dr Sadiyya Shaikh
  56. M.F. Cassim
  57. Dr Shuaib Manjra
  58. Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen
  59. Rassool Snyman
  60. Shaheed Mohammed
  61. Washiema Mohammed
  62. Mogammad Gasan Mohammed
  63. Ebrahim Mohammed
  64. Shuaib Mohammed
  65. Amirah Maryam Mohammed
  66. Prof Adam Habib
  67. Quraysha Yousuf
  68. Rashid Yousuf
  69. Raisa Mahomed
  70. Naadia Davis
  71. Rushaan Abrahams
  72. Khalid Shamis
  73. Jeff (Jaffer) Jawitz
  74. Fathima Jani
  75. Maksood Ahmed Jani
  76. Fatima Asmal
  77. Khadija Asmal
  78. Dr Julie Jaffer
  79. Yasmin Sindhi
  80. Ilham Banoobhai
  81. Mubeen Adam Jaffer
  82. Sakina Grimwood
  83. Ilham Rawoot
  84. Yasmeen Dinath
  85. Wadeedah Jaffer
  86. Mohamed Mia
  87. Ebrahim Mahomed
  88. Nadeem Mahomed
  89. Rashaad Fortune
  90. Armien Cassiem
  91. Rafeeq Bosch
  92. Shafiq Morton
  93. Ruxanna Banoobhai
  94. Mohammad Groenewald
  95. Midi Achmat
  96. Ahmed C Motala
  1. Of those businesses in South Africa, how mush of that money goes to the country which stands for racism, oppression and destruction of the native people of Palestine. Palestinians are also Semitise so I disagree that I am anti-semetic. I stand against anything and anyone who contributes to the Racist illegal Zionist State of Israel. I stand against any entity that profits or benefits from this Racist State. Ask Ramond Ackerman how much of his profits go to buy F16 and Uranium to poisen the innocent children of Palestine.

  2. Nauczylem sie wiele

  3. And do not forget those among us (also listed) who are linked to the American CIA, who support the US fight against Al-Qaeda (read Islam) . They know who they are but the mongoose will kill the snake … mafi shaq!

  4. In the list above there is at least one paid SPY for the CIA. Guess his name. Soon we shall flood the Internet with his identity. He takes Allah’s enemy as friends over the believers. We have evidence. He knows what I am talking about. He should call me. He and his American bosses know my contact details.

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