Scratch: Nuclear regulator does its job for a change

UPDATE: The Russian warship Pyotr Veliky has docked in Cape Town after being given the go-ahead by the NNR who backtracked on their earlier assurances that the ship would not be let into Table Bay because of the threat posed by nuclear waste aboard the vessel.

Below is the original post, that is now scrubbed.

AFTER last years protest against the USS nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, Theordor Rooseveldt, it would seem the NNR is finally bowing to pressure and has turned a Russian nuclear powered destroyer back, apparently because paperwork wasn’t in order. Readers should be reminded that South Africa is the only country in the world to willingly give up a nuclear-bomb programe, and thus the action of the NNR should be seen in this light.

Our heritage as a peace-broker is not something one should dismiss lightly, the least in times such as these, when war looms and the world is run by a “quartet, that includes the UN nations. Let us remember the historic decommissioning of the apartheid A-bomb programme in 1994, a call for peace in the Middle East and actions against war!

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