Israel – Is peace possible?

The Middle East is turning into a permanent war zone and it’s not getting any better. Is anyone listening out there? None of the current peace strategies have worked and throwing bombs, missiles and calling names doesn’t help either. Time to reconsider what we know – what really is at the root of the so-called Palestinian Problem?

Could it be a fundemental clash between various religious points of view who only see the Palestinian cause as a means to an end? Consider this – As long as Al Aksa remains under Israeli control, there can be no prospect of peace, and for Jews to give up East Jerusalem would mean losing the most symbolic and holy place in Judaism, ergo, anything to deflect attention away from Jerusalem, even if this means invading your neighbour

Lets free Jerusalem from the nation-state, declare it a world holy site and defend it? Imagine a world in which Jerusalem is more than an Israeli protectorate or under UN control, a real holy place seperate from normal life as the vatican. Remove the religious issue, then we can start talking about middle east peace, palestine and politics.

My guess is that with Jerusalem and Al Aksa solved, there will be no need to wage war in the hope that martyrdom will result in sainthood? The palestinian struggle would suddenly find itself a lot less contentious and this is not about democracy but the right to practice ones religion, unencumbered by leftist ideals that seem to dictate Karl Marx, and prescribe Lenin, while presuming that every other struggle can be extrapolated to the Middle East, including the South African experience.

Just a thought, I’m no expert on this subject but after watching, debating and trying to engage in the peace movement, I can think of little else that will avoid the spectre of permanent war under the illusion that Jews can ever return to secular democracy. DRL

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