The Trinity Interview

Medialternatives interviewed sex columnist Trinity Diva about her annual public nudity event in Cape Town. Details about the event can be found on the Naked Artist blog.

1. How are you related to the original Lady Godiva?

I am the reincarnation of Lady Godiva of Coventry, infamous naked horse rider and 11th Century Art Patron. I have past memories and unexplained coincidences in my life that indicate to me that I carry a portion of her soul.

2. What do you think about the body, should it be exposed?

I believe that we should all be as naked as we want to be, without weapons of any kind. Nudity leads to peace. Even lovers cover themselves with a sheet when they are arguing in bed. Nobody ever went to war naked. Except me, but then my war is the war of the sexes, the war of the senses, the fight of love against fear.

3. Was your horse in on the action – what is his/her name?

My Piebald war-horse is called “Apache”

4. Feedback from the public, how do they relate to what you did?

My Public Nude shows always have a similar reaction. Human beings are respectful of the vulnerability of nudity. I am always treated with love and respect as well as the inevitable mass shock and mass hypnotism that my show invokes. My audience will never forget me. I inspire them with passion, freedom, horror, and extreme emotions of every kind. I instill life energy.

5. Are there any taboos left, boundaries you wish to cross?

Yes. The most dangerous taboo of them all. I wish to combine Love and Sex.

6. Do you know about the Lady Godiva in Poland?

Yes. There are many Lady Godiva’s all over the world. We are the Wild Women brought back to life in a tide of rebellious balancing feminine energy that is now sweeping the planet.

7. What possessed you to become a sexual freedom fighter?

It is my destiny. I am an artist, I am a human, I have lived through the sexual trauma being born in a sexually repressed society, I have no choice but to heal the damage done to the sexual spirit, in myself and my society, using my talents as an artist, psychologist and sex therapist.

8. What is the best and worst question you have received as a columnist?

The best sex question is always that saucy sexy thing that everyone never knows how to talk about but everyone wanted to try…Tantra, tonsils, toes, torniques, tossing the roles, trying new roles, testing boundaries, tree hugging… it’s all titillating.

The worst ones are just expressions of the darkness of the sexual soul. These are also about toes, tonsils, triggers, tears, terribles, trauma-reliving and trust broken.

9. What do your publishers think about this?

My publishers support sexual healing. They probably want good sex lives just like everyone else I know.

10. It’s obvious you draw your inspiration from other public nudity artists, what have you to say about city bylaws against public nudity?

Eventually anti-nudity law will naturally fall away as nudity will no longer be that naked space of protesting artists but our natural birthright as sacred sexual beings.

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