Telkom Dialup Fraud update

Okay, so eventually I get this call from somebody who claims to be the CO, this after escalating my complaint about having to pay for dialup, over and above the line rental during callmore time, through the various channels. Under the current plan I am entitled to free calls “up to an hour” so why not free calls using a modem?

Turns out, I am paying Telkom for the “opportunity” to connect to the Internet. After explaining that I already have an Internet account with a third party and can’t see why I have to pay for net usage for a line I already rent, using a modem I own, the man starts this heavy-breathing, loan-shark routine. “You still have to pay us!” he says. Telkom’s local loop can pickup whether or not you dial  to a modem or ISP. “Where’s the contract for Internet services”, I respond. Wait for it – he proceeds to go into a long soliliquay about there “being no contract” as such and like the loan shark says – just pay up. No wonder consumers feel like they are getting fleeced.
As far as I am concerned, this is a simple case of corporate fraud and I have thus placed the matter before the Public Protector, who no doubt will come back with yet another loan shark agreement in which the consumer pays regardless of the services supplied.

I will keep readers updated as this saga plays itself out. More on this I promise.

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