Sex columnist speaks out about prostitution.

“THE way that society and the law treats prostitutes has a great effect on the kind of sex everyday lovers are having, because it directly affects the way we view women and sex.” says Trinity Godiva who road naked through the streets of Cape Town last week as part of a Valentine’s Day performance in honour of Sweat, the Sex Workers Advocacy Taskforce. ” They are tireless campaigners for the legalisation (and humanisation) of prostitution,” says Godiva
Trinity calls herself a “Sexual Freedom Fighter has taken to the streets – naked. Languishing in a cage strapped atop a car painted in chaotic psychedelia,  Godiva marked Valentine’s Day with a performance titled ‘The Cage of Love’ – and gave Long Street revellers more than an eyeful.

 According to Godiva’s press release: the blonde sex therapist, a former model, dedicated her performance to the country’s sex workers in an open rebellion against the criminalisation of prostitution, a hot topic in light of recommendations of a temporary legalisation of the industry for the 2010 World Cup.

“The cage is an overt reference to the fact that prostitutes are kept in cages in Bombay, India. This is why the jawdropping performance was kickstarted with the naked Diva and her crew of golden angels delivering a Valentine’s card to SWEAT, tireless campaigners for the legalisation (and humanisation) of sex workers, in Salt River.

 “The way that society and the law views and treats prostitutes has a great effect on the kind of sex everyday lovers are having,” says Godiva. “When you pretend that paying for sex is something that doesn’t happen except with criminals and shady characters, and when you pretend that the only people desperate enough to have to pay for sex (or engage in sex work) are not people you would know, befriend or be related to, you’re not going to be in touch with your own basic sexual needs and drives.” Those lucky enough to witness Lady Godiva’s parade through the city were given copies of her book Red Hot Pages.

Meanwhile, a self-styled Polish Lady Godiva was arrested for public lewdness after she rode nude on horseback through Krakow’s scenic Old Town district to protest high taxes.

Three other people also were arrested for organising an illegal demonstration at the tax office in central Krakow under the slogan “Lady Godiva is back,” police spokesman Robert Szydlo said.

The protest marked the seventh anniversary of the introduction of a value-added tax in Poland. The government currently is discussing broader use of the tax.

According to English legend, the original Lady Godiva rode naked through the town of Coventry to persuade her husband, the earl of Mercia, to reduce heavy taxes

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