New Internationalist Special on Depleted Uranium

The New Internationalist Published a special issue on Depleted Uranium last year. Here is the link:

Depleted UraniumNovember 2007
Issue No. 406
Toxic souvenirs
Will the whole truth about depleted uranium ammunition ever come out? It depends on who’s looking, discovers Dinyar Godrej.

DU: From waste to weapon
a visual guide.

Don’t look, don’t find
Can Iraqi doctors break through the wall of indifference? Doug Weir reports.

‘We were expendable’
US Army veteran Herbert Reed’s blistering testimony.

Depleted Uranium – the facts
The facts on depleted uranium

Who’s the real criminal?
John LaForge squares up to the largest DU munitions manufacturer in the US.

Depleted uranium – Action
Including Building the ban with Belgian activists and DU and the law.

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