Give Peace a Chance – War is over (if you want it)

From ImaginePeace.comTODAY is the 27th anniversary of John Lennon’s passing.  Yoko Ono has asked me to remember John by taking a moment of quiet reflection. If you would like to play or sing the song “Imagine” and imagine a world of peace, just know that we are all together at this moment in every time zone, as the IMAGINE PEACE initiative makes its way around the world – every hour for 24 hours. In Africa, we need at least a week!. Locally, we also remember the moment when Bush Radio went off air, and returned with a day of protest with John & Yoko’s peace anthem, GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.

Yoko has requested bloggers to send in stories & photos of “what you did on December 8th” to [email protected] for us, the family of Peace and Love. You can also share your Week of Peace with us. Share your experiences with our family or visit at any time on Dec 8th for a special message & video.

THE WAR IS OVER! artwork available for download. Please print & display in your window, workplace, school, street, car, computer & elsewhere over the holiday season. On December 8th and over the next week. As Yoko says: “That would be lovely! “

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