Stop Minki VD Westhuizen Advertising War

Anybody who can pose naked for Troopie, Paratus and Boys in the Gulf, and then post herself onto your own personal profile, without asking permission, deserves to be licked by a lot more than a warthog’s tongue. If you are a concerned facebook user upset by the association of sex with war, and the abuse of the female body by so-called supermodels like Minki Van Der Westhuizen to promote homocidal maniacs in the Gulf States,  then you can register your outrage at by joining Stop Sexual / Pornographic Advertising on FacebookGlobal

Where does privacy begin and end? Next we’ll have Vince Maher selling time in my toilet to the highest bidder and insisting that Thought Leader should be on my blogroll, which of course it is. Vince there are limits, and if it weren’t for Arthur Goldstuck and the recent Sowetan sub-editor fiasco, I would write you all off as complete wankers.

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