Evel Knieval’s last great stunt lands him in the afterlife.


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Kat Evel

Childhood hero and 70s legend, Evel Knieval has died in possibly the last stunt of his life, a copyright infringement case that was settled minutes before he passed away. What does this say about the world of intellectual property today? Some things I guess are beyond legend and even the ability of superheroe’s like Knieval, whose grand jump off the Grand Canyon, was paradied in 1994 by a group of club ravers known as the Zippies.

As one of the backers behind the Zippies, I guess that makes me somewhat Evel? The Zippy Paradigm Jump off the Grand Canyon never got the kind of publicity that made Evel famous, but it did receive coverage in every major print magazine in the West including Paris Match and Spanish Elle.

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