Viacom pulls Afrika Burns video from Youtube

Haven’t been able to confirm this with anyone from the Viacom side, but it appears that an Afrikaburns video was pulled from Youtube by channel executives who will all probably turn out to own the rights to the event!  That’s because Afrika Burns has already sold out to corporate interests and does not represent the kind of spirit that created the original Burning Man event in the state. Burning Man is an anarchic romp in the desert, and Afrika Burns was supposed to emulate the antics of the rave underground, and a precurser, Desert Storm held in 1995.

If you want to listen to an excellent interview with Larry Harvey, the man behind Burning Man, and where some of the issues about commerce are discussed, then try the RU Sirius Show 121  RU and I smoked copious amounts of pot once, in his flat in San Francisco. I dare say we probably did some stuff no-one can remember.

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