Will the media honchos wake up? Probably not.

While I’m overjoyed at the announcement that advertisors are pulling their ads from Media24 publications after they cooked their books on circulation and sales, I am perturbed that nobody seems to have made the connection between the banning of a jazz story, my firing and the discrimination case lodged at labour court?

Will media honchos wake up and realise that racism, in all its various forms, antisemitism, islamophobia and xenophobia is bad for business? Probably not, then again there are some who believe the peace dividend resulting from the end of apartheid, and measured in terms of the bank account and the current bull run on the JSE, and which people like Ton Vosloo and Koos Bekker have pocketed, and which runs into the billions, will go on forever.

All things come to an end, even Media24. Where did all the money go? To lavish lifestyles and extravagant tastes in the face of poverty and destitution. By the time all of this winds up in court, Media24 won’t exist as a corporate entity. You heard the news here, first. Time to wake up!

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