Please do not renew my membership of the Afrikaner Nation.

[This is a version of a letter sent to litnet]Thank you for including my words as an English speaker, and Tweede Taal Kieser. Unfortunately, you have misquoted me as saying the Suid Oosterfees festival should be “less of a feel-good feast for Afrikaners and their servants, and more of an expression of emerging global culture – a festival for Afrikaners?“.

What I meant was a festival for Afrikaansers, in other words, those of us, who are not Afrikaners as such, but who identify with the language and linguistic community, rather than the false concept of a particular nation or state.

This is not the first time I have requested this correction, and I must say I find your lack of understanding extremely disrespectful of the feelings of those like myself, who were excluded by Afrikanerdom for years. It is people like yourself who, having forced us out of the cultural laager, now make the double mistake of assuming there can ever be a return to the promised land as a result of past racial policies. Frankly, as recent events at Media24 shows, the Afrikaner is singularly unable to tolerate dissent.

While Bok van Blerk would have us believe, “Everyone who speaks Afrikaans of whatever race, is an Afrikaner.” I choose to be an Afrikander, en anders. Afrikanders were the original natives and outcasts from the motherland. While the word became synonomous with Afrikaner, it is Afrikaners who have forced linguistic purity. It is Afrikaners and not Afrikanders, who continue to impinge on cultural freedom while preaching a dilute form of apartheid — a nation of white, brown and black continually at war with itself.

Although ek praat ‘n baie plat form van Afrikaans, and come from a family that refused to accept the low Dutch, in protest following the Sharpville massacre and events of 1976, I am intrigued by the new Creolisation and the possiblity that Afrikanders are actually a Francophone offshoot which merged with the original inhabitants of the Cape.

Please do not renew my membership of the Afrikaner Nation.

Liewe Geliede,

David Robert Lewis


  1. micatyro

    My name is Bob Mortuary! my u hav a real lank name!!! I hav tried 2 read sum of your blogz but they dont seem funnee, i thort they had 2 b funnee!!! i will try 2 write sum more c-rius stuf 1nce i hav finisd with the pgns on the roof!!

    tnx david robert lewis!!! u seem like a nice blogger!!!

    Big ups!!!

  2. fgb

    Fok Fanie, lyk ek vir jou soos ‘n donnerse koei???
    Of is dit nou eintlike skaap???

    Ag, at maak dit saak…Die mense se koppe is in elk geval deurmekaar gemoer met eish in klippies.

    Afrikander beteken eintlik ‘n skaap of koei, so ek weet nie waar hulle aan al die kak kom om ‘n Afrikaner en ‘n Afrikander op te “mix” nie, tensy hulle net ‘n kanibalitiese lewenswyse wil voer.

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