M&G Online capitulates, publishes letter

IT would seem that concerted pressure from bloggers has forced the M&G Online to back down on its hardline stance concerning my response to a recent censorship episode. To view the damage, go to the letters page where no less than two of my letters have been published. So much for right-wing editorial wannebes.

Now if only the Cape Times would relent and publish my response to various allegations published by one Karen Breytenbach. No, that would be too difficult, since they would have to publish a letter accusing the paper of falsifying information and baking the truth out of bits and pieces of malba pudding.

Would you believe they couldn’t even get the charge before the CCMA right? DISCRIMINATION, repeat after me. D I S C R I M I N A T I O N.

Surely time for editor Tyrone August to retract?

More on this later…

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