Mandela – Rhodes House, PW Botha Plaza, Mbeki Vlok Square

WITH the successful launch of the glitzy Mandela Rhodes block in Cape Town this week, other projects have sprung to mind — The new PW Botha Plaza on the Foreshore, the Mbeki Vlok Square near the parliamentary precinct, and soon to be announced, the Sisulu Verwoerd foundation which has plans for a massive tower “that will demonstrate our unique heritage of racism and the contribution of apartheid”.

“If it wasn’t for apartheid, we wouldn’t be here” said a Sisulu Verwoerd Foundation spokesperson. Other projects in the pipline include the Tambo Vorster memorial, in which all SA politicians, no matter how spineless, will be immortalised in chintzy marble, five carat silver and tunnelled granite facades that cost a pretty penny.

In other news the ruling ANC has applied to the electorial commission for a name change. From hence forth the party will be known as the New National African Congress (NNAC), and party colours will include amongst other things, a pale orange and blue flag.

On a lighter note, the Herstigte Springboks will be playing against the Conservative Proteas, headed up by one Andries Treunicht, remember him? Of course, old Jaap Marais will be turning in his grave, if he isn’t already dead yet. “PW Botha, what a guy, if it was him, I wouldn’t be here.” one NNAC official, mouth full of escargot and drooling at the Rhodes House, old colonial buffet, repleat with severed head of progressive political opponent, was overheard to say. Spoken like a true plutocrat.

  1. Risque, but excellent. Nice to see some quality writing around here of late.

  2. Thats some good writing! And funny too.I like that dry sarcasm…

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