Notes on the Middle East Crisis

Depending upon whether ones premise is national security or tribal faith, your conclusions are liable to be completely different, and the surprise is that few Jews or people of Jewish origin ever discuss what it might be like to arrive at a different conclusion than zionism.

Suppose one simply dumped the notion of the nation state as being the ideal, would that mean the end of Israel or the end of the World as we know it? Suppose our starting premise was Jerusalem and not the borders of the state, would we end up persuading Moslems of the virtue of a holy city, housed within a democracy rather than a monarchy or autocratic state?

What form should the state take if ever? Should we ask for land in Yemen and Saudi for the Palestinian people?

If the Arab world really has the best interests of everybody at heart, surely they can part with land in Iran or Syria? Maybe Jews should give Israel to the Palestinians and move to Chad or Somalia?

More on this later.

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