Encumbant George W Bush talks about war before his election

Before George W Bush was even elected, there was talk about war in the air. On Larry King it became a topic of conversation. The transcript can be reviewed here

KING: And you say it’s a principle, no one should pay more than a third.

G. BUSH: Right.

KING: That’s a principle of yours. You think that should hold forth no matter what’s happening…

G. BUSH: Well, hopefully…

KING: Unless there’s a war?

G. BUSH: Yes, absolutely.

KING: Speaking of that, on the oil question…

G. BUSH: Yes.

KING: … the only two presidents that have ever dipped into the reserve were George Bush and Bill Clinton.

G. BUSH: That’s right.

KING: And you attacked Bill Clinton and I imagine praised George Bush.

BUSH: What is the morale in the United States military like today? Your old friend Norman Schwarzkopf would be an interesting testimony to the fact that the morale is low today in the United States military. And I intend to rebuild the military power of the United States

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