ISLAM: Seizing the South African Struggle

SOUTH AFRICA’s human rights struggle was won, not because of Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah, the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade or the IRA. In fact, it was neither MK nor Quibla who liberated this country, but rather, workers, activists, humanists, commonists, peace-loving ordinary South Africans, who despite the conflict, and against great odds, came together as one nation, under an interfaith platform. Our nation’s religious leaders did not discriminate against other faiths, neither did they classify others according to race or class.

Despite the majority of supporters of today’s Sanctions Against Israel march, holding to this ideal, we saw an influx of Hezbollah flags, given to a few marchers who may not not agree with the armed struggle. Achmed Cassiem of Quibla, always one to embroider upon the past, denying us the right to protest against Israeli aggression, and instead calling for the unilateral destruction of Israel, the dismantling of the Israeli state without the United Nations.

The fiction of the masses overtaking Israel and liberating Palestine is surely one for children’s bedtime reading? An intractable war, an extremist point of view is unlikely to sway those who need to be persuaded of the injustice of war, the irrationality of statehood, and the myth of Zionism.

The invocation of the history of Sumaria and Judea, is as miserable as the invocation of our own struggle and its perversion by clerics who have no use for human rights and dignity. Where are Church and Mosque leaders? Where is liberation theology and Judaism? The voices of our nation’s Rabbi’s, and Pasters, Moulana’s and Priests are silent. Instead we wait and watch while Lebanon burns, while Gaza is bombed, while the stench of war covers the World.

I urge all bloggers to support Islamic Relief Worldwide and to donate food and blankets to those left without homes as a result of Israeli warplanes and the complicity of Hezbollah/Hamas faction fighters.

Islamic Relief-SA Standard Bank Fordsburg Branch: 005205 A/C 0053 18459



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