BOYCOTT PREJUDICE in the book trade, CT BOOK FAIR Pamphlet text


Some people just don’t get it, the apartheid system built upon ignorance, greed and prejudice is long gone. Unfortunately, some Naspers & Media24 employees want to perpetuate a form of racial domination that ignores the rights of people of different faiths, beliefs and opinions.

Recently the company expanded its community newspapers in the areas of Grassy Park, Athlone, Lansdowne and Retreat. The People’s Post claims to ‘tell it as it is’ but the truth is, it won’t be covering the Jazz from Manenburg, or the History of Slavery at the Cape. In fact, it won’t even cover poets who live in ‘historically disadvantaged’ areas.

Why? Because Naspers & Media24 is a racist and prejudiced company, here only for a quick buck. It has paid lip-service to diversity and equality in the workplace and continues to discriminate.

Please boycott Naspers & Media24 and its affiliates, such as Via Afrika, Paarl Media & Educor and demand that their products carry a ‘Racism, Sexism and Prejudice-Free’ sticker in the future.


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  1. How have you leap’t to your conclusion. Have you submitted interesting topical material relating to these things they allegedly wont cover and have you reaonable evidence of their refusal?…give us some evidence please to back up this rather astounding accusation.


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