ART: Bull to Picasso’s Cows

PICASSO’s bulls reminds me of another bull story — apparently the same Marilyn Martin responsible for this years ground-breaking exhibition, curated a boycott-breaking show in Pinochet’s fascist Chile during the reign of apartheid president PW Botha no less. Amazing really how things have changed in the world of cultural fertilizer and South Africans are free, politically-speaking, to smell the visual delights, of arguably the world’s greatist Spanish artist, courtesy of, you guessed right, the French government.

The astonishing images can be found at Examples of Abstract Art from the University of Calgary.

Personally I could never figure out why historians go on about Picasso’s line drawing without discussing his depiction of women — a supreme mysogenist or just somebody too pissed to worry about the finer details of the female nude? I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

  1. but those cows were amazing.

  2. His output was voluminous and his influence on other artists immense. “Greatest ever” always sounds like a snippet from a kindergarten playground conversation but Picasso has the credentials to compete. As for the connection between Picasso and Africa, I find it tenuous at best. Buying artifacts at fleamarkets in Paris is a far cry from being influenced by African art. As for his nudes, well, not everybody enjoys his art and that is the way of the world but misogynistic is quite a judgement to make.

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