TRC overshadowing South Africa’s Freedom Day and Bill of Rights celebration

ACCORDING to the current debate in Wikipedia, the South African Constitution played a relatively unimportant part in history compared to the TRC. If this sounds bizarre, consider the fact that although this year is the tenth anniversary of enactment of our bill of rights enshrining democratic freedoms, no celebrations are planned.

Has the Bill of Rights been written off as a failure, a terrible mistake. Could it be that we’ve had enough of democracy? For this and other debates about culture and history log on to the English version of the Wikipedia, and History of South Africa</

Unfortunately for freedom lovers, the TRC with so much unfinished business, is overshadowing todays events as we look back on the past and realise that much work needs to be done if we are to experience true freedom.

While some might want to forget that we are the first nation in history to expand freedom to include the right to chose ones sexual orientation, and while this right has tended to get in the way of discussion about other more intrinsic rights, ( freedom of association, freedom of thought and conscience and so on) I am sure a travesty of justice will occur if nothing is said in favour of the right to determine ones own likes and dislikes, the Zuma trial notwithstanding.

Please feel free to be whomever you want to be and to have great time on freedom day.

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