Discommunication — the rewiring of thought in the digital age

AS technology changes our communication habits, human behaviour is increasingly becoming programmed. Eventually, we won’t be able to get around without an iPod, let alone understand each other without rushing off to blog our troubles away, like some agony aunt turning to the confession box and balling us out about some nutter who ruined the day, and all because topic headers no longer make any sense here.

Please try to give some indication as to what it is that we’re supposed to be reading, because soon, I won’t be able to tell the difference between the truly poetic and the practically insane. Come to think of it, imagine what happens to meaning the more one drifts off into cyberspace and discovers those virtual tendrils reaching backward over time. Hugs to anybody out there who went to Vision over the weekend. DRL (I love my banging beat music).

  1. Can’t say I agree with you about the topic headers, particularly as you contradict yourself by mentioning human behaviour becoming more programmed, when the creation of interesting headers seems to be becoming less so.

    “Discommunication — the rewiring of thought in the digital age” is a little off-track in itself. I expected to read an interesting article on communication, and instead got a little rant about bloggers.

  2. that is cause for celebration!

  3. I did catch a few glimpses of some human lifeform lurking in the background while reading this blog – humpday stress causing the rivets in the outer casing to loosen?

  4. She’s a bright one, this toplesschick 🙂

  5. …that’ll work. There’s some strange names here, I’m not scared of the Dreaded Outsider, even though his name suggests I should be, and he doesn’t write like one of Torquemada’s henchmen even though his name might suggest it. Jack doesn’t make me cough, and unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think his kind of Tonsil comes in pairs, unless there’s a John Tonsil out there somewhere. Piousapples doesn’t seem particularly pious and FriksWifesPoodle probably isn’t really a dog.

  6. is people that purposely use wrong header to get reads. Anyway, topless, spot on, decide what to read based on who blogged not on topic header. There was a spat earlier today which engulfed the place. Glad I wasn’t around as it is so goddam easy to get lured in to participating in diss this and diss that.

  7. You’ve played plenty of those games in the past, don’t pretend you haven’t. Wasn’t a spat anyway – quite funny at the time though.

  8. and either 90& of the time blog crap or 90% is readable. Very few exceptions. Saw your involvement in the dogfight, sic ’em.

  9. But if you were to pop into Blogmark not knowing anything about the place, the names would give you absolutely no clue as to what the blogger might write – you would only find out after reading a blog or 2 by a particular blogger.

  10. that’s toplesschick’s point.

  11. …you WOULD have an idea from the name…

  12. name” but “you would only find out after reading a blog or 2 by a particular blogger”. Then you would connect the dots. Are you multitasking with a couple of beers right now?

  13. You really are losing brain cells at a rapid rate as you knock on forty’s door, eh?

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