MEDIA: Cartoon Character terrorises the World, newspaper industry profiting from Islamophobia?

Is the Media and in particularly the newspaper industry profiting from Islamophobia and the cartoon crisis? How can anyone claim ignorance of the issue at stake (Muslim Angst), or the gravity of the situation (Global Media spreading riots, fear and terror?).

As a Jew I’m with my Moslem brothers on this one. What right do press barons have to fan the flames? As a believer in secular humanism, what can we do to save the middle ground, without falling into the trap of violence and aggression? I wouldn’t want to go to war merely for the sake of athiesm, or the rights of commies, peaceniks, people I adore and love.

So lets all avoid rushing into a secular society versus religion argument, without examining the wider context of Bush’s War against Terror, Washington’s own Theocracy, Hamas and the Israeli State.

Are Jews, Moslems and Christians able to distinguish between right and wrong? Can we make valid judgements and extrapolations from experience, for example the Russian Gulag, Srebenicia, Rwanda and the Nazi holocaust? If Moslems have become the Jews of Europe, how are their worst fears being realised and how can we stop an impending catastrophe where the entire World gets wiped out by the religious right and fundementalists on either side?

SO please keep those pictures of the conflict off the front page, until some reason prevails, wounds heal and we all have time to assess who or what is actually being depicted by some mad cartoonist who I’ve never seen or heard of, and who most assuredly doesn’t know the Prophet Mohammed, and wouldn’t know what Allah looked like either.

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