KOEBERG MADNESS: Spanner in the works, or just plain stupidity?

When Scientific American announced the discovery of a new wonder material that would revolutionise the building industry, the world had no idea that asbestos would turn out to be extremely toxic. Asbestos-siding was advertised as being “safe, reliable and energy efficient” despite the fact that mining it resulted in asbestiosis and mesothelioma, a type of cancer.

Today, our Nuclear regulatory body, the Atomic Energy Corporation (AEC) and Eskom are lying to the public about the safety of Koeberg and the toxicity associated with production of the Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactor (PBMR). The extent of the damage to the power station is being played down and the negative effects of radiation from the plant, covered up so that business can go ahead as usual.

On numerous occasions I have challenged South Africa’s nuclear engineers to eat their words – try consuming uranium ore, or entering into a debate about toxicity and one is likely to arrive at the conclusion that not only are our scientists mad, but they are simply incapable of telling the truth. Radiation like Asbestos kills, and uranium ore is not only toxic but the cause of pollution in our environment.

Lets shut down Koeberg and the nuclear industry once and for all! Instead of spending billions on PBMR’s we should be spending money on fuel cell technology and harnessing the latest renewable technology for peaceful ends.


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