Namibian Mass Graves: ANC should apologise for war crimes on behalf of its National Party alliance partners.

The ANC should apologise for war crimes committed in Namibia on behalf of its National Party alliance partners. This is the only way South Africa can regain its trust and standing with a people that it massacred in defence of the indefensible. Shocking revelations of decomposed bodies, massed graves and war crimes have emerged over the past two weeks, with not a word from our government. Could it be that we have been lulled into forgetfulness and are using the issue of national reconciliation to brush atrocities under the carpet?

Not only am I appalled and dismayed at the lack of response from fellow South Africans, but I am ashamed to call myself a South African. Have we forgotten all those who were forcibly conscripted into the apartheid army and ordered to kill their neighbours, comrades and supposed enemies, for an outmoded ideology? Have we forgotten countless soldiers who died reinforcing prejudice and supremacy on either side? Have we forgotten draft dodgers such as myself, and fellow war resistors who battled the old regime? What about those noble few who stood up and became contientious objectors?

All ignored simply because today’s post-911 world demands that we support arms deals, koeberg nuclear plants and the militarisation of society as a whole.

  1. For the first time I have take you on…

    Some of us could not object…We where captured in the brain wash…

    Why not ask MI6 to appologise…They for leading us into every confrontation..

    Must I come forward and pleed on behalf of the manipulators…


    I am Anthony Whiteman and The Truth Will Prevail

  2. great line…explains alot


    i write what i like

  3. The ANC as the party in power, should apologise on behalf of all South Africans, for the terrible atrocities committed in the name of our republic. Let me be the first citizen to apologise to the Namibian people and especially SWAPO for war crimes committed by my fellow South Africans. I would also like to call for a public inquiry into mass graves and perhaps some form of multilateral commission to address the truth and reconcile our past.

    In fact, since the conflict also involved frontline states such as Angola, I believe that an apology should be issued unilaterally and across the board and include some form of reperations for past misdeeds. Let us say “Never Again” as we remember the war that resulted in the deaths of countless civilians as well as armed forces.

    As a “draft-dodger” I declined to participate in the conflict on either side, but this still does not absolve me from taking responsibility either as an “African” or as a citizen of South Africa.

    Yes we were all caught in the brain-wash, only some of us escaped with our minds intact, as well as our freedom to resist oppression.

  4. That is easy to do…Coming from you I expected more….

    Appologise for your self and face the music, know we talking balls, BIG stainless steel ones.

    Working through the blog I can quickly trace a common culture…

    We never did any thing constructive….Yet we have the best advice…

    I am Anthony Whiteman and The Truth Will Prevail

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