Mainstream Media still carrying reports of a “blackout” in Cape Town, despite Koeberg “accident”

THE Mainstream Media is still carrying reports of a “blackout” in Cape Town, despite allegations of an “accident” at Koeberg, South Africa’s only commercial nuclear power station. In an attempt to play down the consequences of human error and mechanical breakdown at the plant, the strange story about a possible “scram” at Koeberg, has now turned into a small fable about “tripped switches” and “accidental power outages”, caused by a freak of nature.

Despite consternation from residents and homeowners, and criticism from environmentalists, Eskom and the Atomic Energy Corporation, maintain that nuclear energy is safe and have no plans to either shutdown Koeberg, or halt the billion rand Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (PBMR) project. Instead of spending money on safe, geothermal energy from beneath the earth’s surface, the South African government is wasting time and money on antiquated nuclear technology. The PBR was rejected by Germany decades ago after public concern about the safety of nuclear energy.

Check out for news about Australia’s geothermal programme that deploys “hot rocks” to create renewable energy and sustainable power resources.

PS: I tried using Smartcape’s public access terminal to post to my blog yesterday and sadly the system doesn’t work. 5 terminals hooked to one pentium acting as a server do not make for easy computing, so Smartcape is actually dumb and an example of cosmetic development.

  1. I am to affraid to make a coment…

    With BEE forced down on us we want to implement something like a PBR… I hope we put it next to Soweto so they will learn the lessons of laizyness first hand.

    Even better all staff must have family accommodation on site, maybe will they then think about the fall out of lazyness and blame shifting. The consiquinces of taking something important that does not belong to them will be a valued lesson well learned.

    I am Anthony Whiteman and The Truth Will Prevail

  2. The terrible thing about the supposed PBMR (sorry left out the modular part in the early edition) being a foregone conclusion, is that its the result of various deals made with the old apartheid regime. In fact while the nuclear industry was lying about the existance of a nuclear weapons programme, South Africa was busy building warheads. We’re one of the view nations on earth to completely dismantle our atomic weapons but don’t seem to have the guts needed to dismantle the entire industry along with nuclear power. The best bet is for those creepy engineers to move over to hot rocks in the ground, and geothermal energy.

  3. We are not sure our wepons are dismantled are we….

    What if they where sold of….

    How the hell do we know…

    I am Anthony Whiteman and The Truth Will Prevail

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