Stopping the Independent Media Cartel — here’s what you can do.

WHILE individual titles within the Independent stable have every right to exist, the supersized cartel of ownership that colludes to prevent competition and which restricts our freedom of speech, needs to be done away with. Here’s what you can do to prevent the game of monopoly media.

1) Call your local MEC or representative to demand laws against cross-ownership of media. Newspaper owners should be restricted from owning radio and television stations, as well as sports teams and service providers, and vice versa.

2) Form small study groups to discuss alternative media and media cartels; should corporations be allowed to own more than one daily newspaper per metropole? Start a newspaper of your own, or invest in projects that do.

3) Cancel your subscriptions to Independent Newspaper titles and when asked why, let the sales people know that you intend the cancellation as a form of protest against cartel behaviour.

4) If you are an advertisor, find alternative outlets for your advertising, let Independent-CondeNast know what you think of monopolies in the media and they way cartels push up the cost of advertising.

5) Refuse to use Independent Online services — many mobile contracts include prepackaged feed from Independent USSD.

6) Refuse to accept money or sponsorship from Independent. The group has a habit of buying off its opposition, either via way of outright purchases or bribes in the form of lucrative sponsorships, all seemingly in the “interests of press freedom”. This is just one of the many ruses to get you to sell out, or to dilute your rights and freedoms as South Africans.

7) Check to see whether or not your radio and television services are owned by Clear Channel Independent or their affiliates. Demand alternative channels of information and public access to broadcasts that are locally produced and owned.

Submit your own suggestions or create your own Anti-Independent campaigns by posting to The Size Issue…more information soon on prizes and giveaways.

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