SOME Quasi-Evil, Semi-Evil characters Robert Kirby seems to have forgotten about.

Fagin, spendthrift character who refuses to give an extra bowl of soup to the homeless, from Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist.

Willie Wonka, strange boss who keeps oompa loompas locked up inside a factory and forces them to make sweets. (Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

Cruella de Ville, a rich celebrity bitch who treats ordinary folk and especially reporters like dogs, hence the term news-hound.

Scrooge McDuck, a greedy capitalist and rich uncle of Donald, always bribing people, especially editors with the currency of the 1950s.

Nigel, the poncy English neighbour from the CTM wall-tile adverts, always reading the Cape Times sports section — never trust somebody who reads the Cape Times sports section, especially when they don’t know anything about cricket and sportsmanship or figuring when another man is goddamn broke.

and finally,

Doctor Evil, Mike Myer’s infamous robot-like stooge who plots to hold the world to ransom, including South Africa’s lethargic press, from his evil lair in the Independent Irish hinterland, for the unbelievable sum of $1 000 000.

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