CONSPIRACY: Is Bobby Fischer, the chess champ stark raving sane?

IS BOBBY FISCHER, the world renowned chess champion mad because he rails against America and jews? I think not. Although Charles Krauthammer of Time Magazine would like us to believe monomania is behind Fischer’s flouting of official US policy, for instance, the embargo against Yugoslavia , merely defying one of the George Bush’s is no grounds for insanity.

What is insane is the notion that America can be governed by one family. That democracy can be replaced by the mob, that a new kind of dicatorship can arise, simply because unilateralism is allowed to hold sway and turn into empire. That the fear of Islam can breed a generation intolerant to religious freedom, even the strange beliefs of chess players like Bobby Fischer. (BTW I am an ethnic Jew)

I have no doubt that when George W Bush spoke of an approaching war in an interview with Larry King shortly before he became president, he meant it. I am more than convinced that when the full horror of sept. 911 occurred, the republican government was rushing its network lists of whose-in and whose-out, past a president whose war to liberate Iraq was really an attempt to cement power in Washington.

After one of the most popular peace-time presidencies in American history, it was not hard to see Republican strategy for what it was, an attempt to destroy Clinton’s democratic legacy by returning the world to that epic battle – Gulf War 1. If Bush were an evil genius he would probably have taken over the entire planet with CIA stormtroopers, but since he is an evil idiot, the Bush resolve was more along the lines of: “lets turn the whole of country, including the world into Texas”.

For obvious reasons, the real story of how the world came close to globalising overnight into one shambolic nation without borders will never be told, at least until we figure out the strategic implications of invoking the Nato Treaty whenever there is a domestic dispute involving so-called terrorists. Until proven otherwise, those World Trade terror suspects are innocent. In fact we do not know yet, if they exist, or whether perhaps the incident was the world’s worst fly-by-wire incident?

Until the US legal system succeeds in convicting trade terrorism of its supposed misdeeds, we can only surmise a conspiracy, that yet again, a Reichstag fire occured, a Bay of Tonkin, a 9-11 that says more about the mindset of people who play chess and deploy numbers than those who read Torah or study the Koran.

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