MORAL REGENERATION:To snip ones penis or not?

To snip ones penis or not? Age of circumcision too low for boys?
How to keep politicians out of the bedroom and more!

THE Christian fundamentalist organisation, the ACDP have proposed that the age of consent should be raised to 21 across-the-board, to meet legislation in the pipeworks that would level the war between the sexes and the age to which one may legally consent to having sex without threat of state intervention. In other words, the threat of teenage sex amongst our nations youth needs to be countered by a backwards move into the stone age.

Not so says the ACDP who are encouraged by attempts to ban nicotine, as well as the raising of restrictions on under-age smoking from 16 to 18. Surely time to tell politicians to get out of the bedroom? No doubt, because the way the ANC’s quixotic moral regeneration programme is going, with its cowtowing efforts to mate the ACDP’s sex politics to its strange fraternisation with the former-National party, we could all end up having to wait until age 21 to have sex, and in the cases of initiation, new laws may proscribe exactly when and how men are circumcised.

In fact since circumcision and initiation schools are the death sentence for a few unfortunates, they should be banned altogether, or so the ACDP and its hill-billy logic goes. Should Government have a hand on everything including ones balls? Is it time to say, enough is enough — keep your hand off my crotch? Are we shedding foreskins so that the government can tell us what to do? Do we need laws to tell us how to make love?

That’s the trouble with equating democracy with the freedom to encompass and absorb all opposition, even if that opposition is diametrically opposed to core democratic principles like freedom of religion. Instead of merely tolerating far-right groups like the ACDP, the ANC continues to sway under attack from the Christian far-right and its naive proposals, like reintroducing the death penalty for teen-age sex. Soon, we could all be forced into one church, to go to the same Sunday School, to worship Jehovah in one Kraal? No circumcision before age 21?

Being a Jew of dubious ethnic orgin and therefore forcibly circumcised at 8 days old, I still don’t believe anybody should ever be forced to worship the god Jahweh with a blood sacrifice. In fact no man in his right frame of mind would ever consent to circumcision — its something that is done to mark the male species as different, (as if having a penis was’t enough of a leap of imagination as far as creation is concerned) with a wound similar to the way Zulu’s initiate boys into manhood along with a moral imperative to perpuate a particular culture, a unique way of life, a specific modality of thought rather than a majority rule lifestyle. In other words, too late to re-attach what was taken by the Beth Din, even though the ACDP think they can turn back the clock, restore my foreskin and forget about keeping kosher.

Which is why people who believe we can all be conditioned overnight into accepting one world view, one religion, along with a sexual drought like the Lovelife (wait for 2010 deflowering campaign), need to be bludgeoned by sermons from the mount, like the moral regeneration movements current mode of thought that says postponing sex until later in life is healthier than no sex at all. In fact just about the only sex one is likely to have these days is with a government official demonstrating how to reattach ones prepuce (the scientific name for your foreskin), which is what ACDP supporters deserve.

  1. ..there was a certain brigade (I recall Fruity boasting of “member”-ship) who prided themselves on their circumcised state.

    Tell us boys: Is this issue a second-in-command grading (after size)?

  2. People must stop blaming ACDP, for trying to build our nation, and think twise about our government which is now turned into a corruption college where every ANC politician graduates. ACDP is fighting for the truth and we all know that the truth hurts. Blessed be ACDP in the name of JESUS

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